Security Integrated Solutions

Just to compete, many businesses like convenience stores and restaurants stay open long hours or round the clock. And that makes it nearly impossible for business owners like you to get away and still mind the store. Even managers at larger companies and organizations need to monitor their facilities while they’re gone. But in the past, that has required expensive and complicated solutions. Now, with remote CCTV systems, you can monitor your business any hour-day or night-from the easy chair in your living room or a hotel room on the road.

If you have more than one store or site you want to monitor, you can install a remote CCTV system at each location. And you don’t need special phone lines or high-speed internet connections. The remote CCTV system uses standard telephone lines and advanced video compression techniques to transmit up to 15 frames per second of full-motion color video and audio.

The viewing software uses a standard phone line connected To your PC’s modem. So take your laptop with you, and you can monitor your sites from wherever you go. You can view scenes from your cameras, hear audio transmitted from your monitored site, and capture and save images for later viewing, faxing or emailing. Its split-screen display even lets you view captured and live images at the same time.