Security Integrated Solutions

Our range of Gate traffic barriers offer cost-effective and practical traffic management solutions. The range includes simple parking barriers as well as highly automated road with heavy traffic. These automatic road traffic barriers are easy-to-maintain and reliable. These are designed to provide long hours services.

This parking barrier gate operator is a heavy-duty, high performance barrier gate designed to be used in conjunction with other RFID hardware and RFID Parking Control Software in order to provide a complete RFID enabled parking solution. The parking barrier gate is typically utilized for medium to high traffic volumes and for wide lane management and has the capacity to be used for industrial facilities and to stand up to the harshest weather environments and operating conditions.

Available Parking Spaces Management:

Combined system from hardware components and software that supplies real time information about the parking space, occupied or free, with lots of supporting information, like statistics about parking spaces, history, spaces view and lots more.

Vehicle Identification:

Advanced module for reading and processing number plates, transferring digital information for payment management.

Vehicle data capture:

Vehicle’s and driver’s image reading and scanning for storing into identification database for later needs and verification.

Number plate Recognition for Access Control:

Visual recognition technology that allows to detect, locate and identify the vehicle by its number plate, to control and restrict the access by the days or hours of the week.