Security Integrated Solutions

Network / Digital video recorders work just like a standard security VCR / NVR, only better. You’ll see sharper, more detailed images, search instantly by date, time, camera or alarm, and never again have to bother with tapes that jam, wear out or need to be stored. Embedded operating system ensures your recorder’s working when you need it Digital recorders use a proprietary, embedded operating system. The result? Your recorder won’t be prone to system crashes like PC-based recorders; it will deliver continuous, reliable performance. And the stored video that’s so important to protecting your facility is safer from worms and viruses.

Viewing software lets you access your recordings while at home or on the road with reader software, you can connect to any digital recorder in your network to view live or recorded images. Or connect using a modem. Software opens your recorders to users who need access to them, and it enables you to check in on the business while you’re at home or on the road.

Special interfaces customize your recorder for your application with a dedicated interface, you can use your recorder with ATMs, cash registers and fuel station pumps to capture and associate receipt text with your recordings. Now you can look up clips by transaction number, cashier ID, or text like “void” or “no sale.”