Security Integrated Solutions

Usually used at the entrance of Building/Hotels to check people. The solutions consists of X-ray Hand Baggage screener and a walk through metal detector. To further increase the security a handheld explosive detector also could be used. Explosive Detectors – For a higher level of security in consulates and high profile building to screen people for explosives.

Winds International Trading Co. provide walk-through and hand-held scanners that are used to safeguard facilities in Middle East, such as schools, airports, prisons and embassies, and special events, such as athletic competitions, political conventions, concerts, and high-profile ceremonies.

Entrance Checkpoint Solution:

A combination of Road barriers & Road blockers placed just after/before the main gate of buildings to stop nullify the effects of any vehicle bound terrorist attacks.

Perimeter Detection System:

Perimeter Detection System is a class of sensors that monitor activity surrounding or on critical infrastructure areas such as airports, seaports, military installations, national borders, refineries and other critical industry and the like. Such sensors are characterized by their ability to detect movement at ground level of targets such as an individual walking or crawling towards a facility. Such systems typically have ranges of several hundred meters to over 10 kilometers.