Security Integrated Solutions

Anti Shop Lifting System (EAS):

Anti-Shop lifting systems and related equipment . Security Wave Systems are Fully Digital by using DSP technology that constantly checks, the environment, Self-adjust to optimize performance, eliminating false alarms. All systems are designed based on international standards that are fully compatible with all AM tags and labels in the market.

Intruder Alarm System:

Our intruder Alarm Systems secure your home or business so that you no longer have to worry about potential burglaries. With our large systems, you are free to sleep peacefully and live every day feeling safe and secure.

Our Systems:

➤ Wired alarm system

➤ Outdoor / indoor siren storable

➤ Wireless alarm system

➤ Remote controllers

➤ Infra-red motion sensors

➤ Glass break detectors

➤ Magnetic door contacts