IT / Office Equipments

When conceiving the active infrastructure of any system, required performance dictates design.

With this in mind, WINDS INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. will select the best components to meet the specific demands of each particular project.

We are not tied to specific third party vendors, developers or manufacturers, we can evaluate and identify the best possible products to meet our clients' need.

We also pay the utmost attention to all aspects of intrusion detection and prevention, understandably a major concern for our clients.

As we are building mega networks , often open to the public, it is vital that we put in place adequate security measures to protect against unintentional or malicious intrusion and damage. Integration brings huge benefits but requires exceptional security skills to ensure all the services running on it are properly protected.

At WINDS INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. we are constantly updating our knowledge and skills in the field of threat management.

All access privileges are strictly controlled and every intervention immediately logged – a powerful disincentive for malicious activity.

Our data centres are constructed and operated to the highest international standards with maximum levels of availability incorporated to protect mission critical operations.

In addition to deploying the best in security techniques and procedures, our network management protocols deliver unparalleled levels of reliability.

Unintentional damage is identified at an early stage by the network management system (NMS), whose topology is defined according to the core functionality of the system.

“WITC is not tied to a single brand or partner.”